Our League

Welcome to Berks County MSBL which is a 25 and over wooden bat league (eligible players must be turning 25 anytime during the year of the current season). Games are every Sunday, beginning in April-May with Playoffs being held in August.  Are you interested in playing or bringing in a team? Send us an email by going to our contact page . Teams are always welcome to join as well as individual players. Thank you for your visit and we look forward in you becoming a fan to our page and or seeing you on the diamond. Below is more information on MSBL/MABL National.

The Men’s Senior Baseball League (MSBL)/Men’s Adult Baseball League (MABL) is the premier amateur baseball league for adults 18 years of age and older, as well as leagues featuring division for ages 26+/ 35+/45+/55+/60+/65+. Founded in 1988, MSBL is still the fastest-growing adult baseball organization in the country. The league has 325 local affiliates, 3,500 teams and 45,000 members who play organized baseball in local leagues, 30 regional tournaments and six national tournaments. Both the MSBL and the MABL plan to expand by establishing local affiliates in communities where programs do not exist, and also by welcoming existing amateur hardball leagues to affiliate. MSBL/MABL National remains committed to supplying all of our existing leagues, whose ambition is to grow, extensive promotional support.

When discerning ballplayers of all skill levels seek to continue to play organized amateur baseball, they almost always find their way to becoming an MSBL member. The MSBL brand means you are guaranteed to have the best possible baseball experience while enjoying playing America’s favorite pastime at whatever skill level or whatever age group, be it 18 and over, 65 and over and everywhere in between. Staffed at the national level by a professional team of seasoned baseball veterans and throughout the nation by top notch dedicated local league leadership, MSBL’s baseball model delivers consistency, reliability and sustainability worthy of your association. We regularly hear from players who come to MSBL from less structured organizations who say they always make MSBL their first choice for real baseball, year after year. The MSBL/MABL is committed to providing the player the opportunity to play real baseball at a competitive level on a regular basis in a professionally run environment.

Local leagues also benefit with low cost high quality insurance, baseballs, equipment and other items that come with MSBL’s reputation and buying power. By establishing long-term working relationships for the use of high school, college and municipal fields, the MSBL/MABL plays a constructive role in maintaining the fields that it uses. In addition, it involves it’s members in activities to support the baseball programs of the schools with which it works. MSBL’s logo can often be the difference between gaining the use of a baseball complex and getting the cold shoulder due to the lack of having the reputation of a top-notch nationally recognized leader in amateur sports. Leagues can also leverage their national clout to secure sponsorships. Packages are available to help leagues and teams secure sponsors.